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Posted  |  By Jeffrey Glover

Your glass signs display your company logo and help to advertise your business. The hardware that is used to hold your sign in place may seem like a small part of the display, but it actually plays a large part in how sturdy your sign is, how it looks and how long it lasts.

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Posted  |  By Cynthia Crowe

While branding normally refers to various marketing activities that can be implemented in different media outside the retail store environment, keep in mind that it can also work within the store. What you can do is to tap into an interior branding project, which can come in different forms, types and budgets that can suit specific business needs and requirements. For example, retailers can refresh or put a new spin into retail store signage and announcements.

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Posted  |  By Stephen Dahl

Most people completely take for granted how wonderful glass really is. Even though it dates back to at least the 3rd century BC, glass was a luxury item until the 20th century. It is a wonderful material that human beings use in so many facets of modern life. Whether you are in the car, at home or at work, glass is protecting you from the weather outdoors while giving you tremendous visibility. Here is a look at the interesting process that is used to manufacture glass.

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Posted  |  By Helen Jones

Wayfinding signage is a must in any working environment. Whether you’re working in a busy office environment, or managing a growing primary school, you’ll need a set of wayfinding signage that can inform, guide and direct employees, guests and other residents. In short, business wayfinding signage can help in promoting improved customer engagement and build a brand. While it may sound like an easy project to undertake, keep in mind that certain requirements must be met. Here are three (3) critical requirements that must be in place when redesigning or even setting up a collection of new signage for your office.

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Posted  |  By Anthony Thomas

Retail store management requires a creative mindset and a strong focus on the retail atmosphere to complete the retail store experience.

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Posted  |  By Marilyn Osborn

Travel-related technologies and innovations have improved through the years, helping commuters and travelers enjoy a satisfying and safe trip every time. With an increasing number of people traveling and commuting on a regular basis, the provision of real-time information and safety reminders has become more critical.

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