A worker’s office is sacred space. Within that space, a person needs a great atmosphere—one that promotes work, reduces laziness and keeps a worker on their toes. Many offices have pictures, and are adorned with various certificates and memorabilia. But what makes an office decoration meaningful? What makes an office decoration effective, or even useful to the daily life of a worker?

While there are many options for a worker, different decorations can often detract a worker from their prime duty—working. An office should have a good vibe to it, and be open enough to promote clear cognitive thinking. While different designs, colors and decor can make an office worker feel inspired to write, calculate and make decisions, a good setup is more useful than any decoration available. A nice wooden desk often promotes clear thought, and simple drapes aid this as well. The drapes should have ties on them, in order to allow light into the room. Additionally, black picture frames can be added around the doorway, to keep a memory of loved ones.

While other furniture can help thoughts flow in a work environment, the most important feature of any office is a chair. A good chair is hard to come by, and—all things considered—is the one piece of equipment an office worker uses the most. The chair should be comfy, but not too comfy. It should have an upright posture, but be bendable for break times. Altogether, the desk and chair area should face a large part of the room, to promote clear thoughts. Together, this setup helps an office worker do their job more effectively.