There are many different applications a person can use to help them with their design projects. Some applications are better than others. Some are more user friendly than others. Finding the right application for what the person is looking for can be a hit and miss situation. Not everyone likes the same design project applications or think the same apps are user friendly. Sometimes it takes trying out more than one app to get the right one for what the person is looking for.

There are five applications for assisting in design projects which people tend to use the most. Those five applications are: Adobe Ideas, Sketchbook Mobile, Inspire, Saturation, and Color Stream.

Adobe Ideas is a handy digital sketchbook. Besides being used on laptops and other types of computers, Adobe Ideas can be downloaded to a persons iPhone for when they are on the go. This app was designed to allow the person to move around in order to capture and explore ideas, to be able to integrate sketches and images with a beautiful color scheme while on the go.

Sketchbook Mobile is another app to assist in design projects. This app has a full array of sketching tools such as a pencil, airbrush, and eraser. Sketchbook Mobile allows the user to create layers of colors with precision.

Inspire is another popular application. Some of the drawing features the Inspire application has are painting menu, color blending, non-realistic paint, different types of brush selection, brush usage, and clumped brush.

Saturation is an application derived from Adobe Kuler. While using this app, if the person wants to send the project to someone else to see or comment on, the person can do it by email while still in the application.

Color Stream is a design app which allows a person to create and store new color palettes from a photo or auto generated picture by using a built in color scheme.