Attractive signs both facing the street or inside your place of business are an important part of advertising. They can help you lure in street traffic and perhaps gain a new life long customer. They can alert people inside your store to your capabilities by giving them a visual display. They can direct people to important parts of your building. They can also showcase your business's and employee's achievements. You could spend creative energy, money, and time designing the perfect signs for your place of business, but if they aren't hung well, you may have used all of those resources for nothing.

A beautiful sign leaning against the side of your building or walls of your office says something about your company to your potential customers. Maybe it says you're a new company that hasn't yet put down roots or maybe it says that you don't pay much attention to detail. However, if you hang your signs securely using hardware that fits with your company image, it is a subtle way of telling customers that you care about the little things, and will likely put that care into the work you do with them.

When choosing from among the different ways to hang signs, the possibilities are nearly endless. You could hang your signs flush with the wall to encourage customers to approach them for a closer look like they would in an art gallery. Another option is to hang them so that they are away from the wall. This is a good choice for signs that must be very visible, like exit signs or signs for the restroom. You could also choose cable mounting to display many signs that fit the same category. This modern choice is an excellent option if you are displaying samples, like flooring or tile samples.

It is important to keep in mind that different types of hardware are appropriate for different sign materials. For example, if you use a glass sign, the glass will need to have holes drilled through it to hold strong hardware that can support glass. If you are simply mounting a nameplate on a desk, the strength of the hardware is less of an issue.

Because signage is so important to a place of business, you should work with a reputable and experienced company that can help you choose the hardware that will display your sign well while keeping with your company's image.