Low morale can be the bane of any company. It reduces productivity, increases turnover, and can wastes a good deal of money each year.

One easy and inexpensive way to lift employees' spirits is to purchase desktop nameplates. While it seems like an insignificant matter a nameplate really goes a long way to boost morale.

To start with nameplate provides an employee with a sense of ownership. It clearly defines an employee's desk and title. This gives the employee permission to "own" the space so to speak. A nameplate invites the employee to bring in a few appropriate decorates (a picture of his/her family perhaps). The nameplate also shows the desk is his/her domain. This means the employee is in charge of making sure that all tasks handled at that desk are done so with efficiency and accuracy.

A nameplate also makes employees feel valued. While it seems like a small gesture it shows that the company appreciates the employee and cares for his/her future. When a nameplate is waiting for an employee on his/her first day it says, "We're excited you're here."

Finally a nameplate also gives the sense of a longevity with the company. It shows permanence, consistency, and stability. The nameplate is a reminder that the company trusts this employee enough to invest time and money into his/her future.

The humble nameplate really isn't given enough credit for the role it plays in employee morale. This small token will give employees ownership of their space, provide a sense of value, and show that they are stable employees of the company.