Colorful Office

The relationship between the human eye and the brain is fascinating. This relationship allows the color spectrum to be seen and experienced. Research suggests that introducing colors schemes into a work environment will improve employee productivity. uses color to create stimulating environments according to specific departmental responsibilities.


Red is the color of passion and excitement. This color awakens the creativity center in the brain. Red is used in areas that require employees to stay in a creative zone for extended periods of time, such as: the marketing and advertising departments, and the graphic design team.


Orange is used in the sales and production departments. Here employees are continually on tight production schedules, in order to meet customer delivery deadlines, for their signage products. Orange stimulates the area of the brain causing the desire to physically get up and move, to accomplish tasks. This is an action color, often used to inspire decisions.


Lighter shades of blue are used in the accounting and finance departments, where the attention to minute detail is paramount, in order to maintain a seamless operation: from placing an order to customer fulfillment and delivery. Blue is a color stimulating focus and is known not to cause mental distraction during a task or activity.


Grey is a calm, cool color. It is suggested to be the easiest color for the human eye to see. This color is used in the IT department. Because this department is in charge of ensuring that the computer network, infrastructure, production equipment, and design software work at peak performance 24/7. Grey is a good color choice to help reduce computer eye strain on this group.


The customer service department is designed with green hues. Green imparts strong feelings of comfort and peace. To maintain positive customer relations, it is critical that customer service representative remain calm and clear-headed with dealing with a myriad of personalities throughout the day.


Brown, and is a solid, rooted color. It instills the sense of accomplishment – roots, strength, warmth and trust. Management offices are outfitted with various hues of brown accents to impart the sense of achievement and success. Brown is a good color choice for those involved the company decision making process. Brown is a grounding color, it reduces stress and negativity.

Using color’s subliminal effects to improve and/or increase employee performance is fascinating. However, the use of color does not stop with using a single color in an area. The concept of color blocking, coloring grouping, or commonly referred to as color pairing is another technique used to gain the subliminal benefits of color on productivity. Color pairings that work well together are: red and orange, blue and grey, and green and brown...There is no hard and fast rule about how to use color. The best test is to experiment with different colors and observe the effects on productivity.