While branding normally refers to various marketing activities that can be implemented in different media outside the retail store environment, keep in mind that it can also work within the store. What you can do is to tap into an interior branding project, which can come in different forms, types and budgets that can suit specific business needs and requirements. For example, retailers can refresh or put a new spin into retail store signage and announcements. Retail store signage and announcements can get old and dated, thus a revamp or redesign of the signage can create the best results.

Effective retail store signage starts with store-front signs

Retail store signage should capture the attention of customers and passers-by, just like what a compelling headline delivers on an effective copy. Store signage should entice customers to drop by or persuade them to purchase the items that are on window display or currently offered for sale. And how do you create a compelling copy in the storefront? It all starts with a readable font, less clutter, and direct to the point wording.

Variety when it comes to marketing using signage

Creativity and strategic placement of retail store signs are necessary when you want to create a compelling retail environment. While traditionally-mounted sales announcements and product information work, remember that variety is king. Don’t just place the signs bearing product information and prices on the shelves, cabinets or tables. You can hang these announcements as well and create the same effect. With hanging or suspended signs, you can clear up floor space and improve the shopping experience since shoppers can easily spot product information or sales announcements from afar.

The choice of signage material and mounting hardware is equally important as well when it comes to retail store signage management. Signage materials come in different forms, including acrylic, plastic, metal and even glass. These signage solutions can be mounted using a variety of cheap standoffs available in different materials, including steel and aluminum for extra styling. There are suspended systems and poster holders too for other in-store announcements.

With these changes, it’s easier to build the retail store’s brand outside of the traditional platforms. And the good news is that the materials and resources you’ll need, including inexpensive standoffs are readily available in the market.