Building a sense of community and awareness among students can be a challenge if the school is serving more than a thousand students including employees, and a smart approach to signage management is not present. When awareness is at an all-time low and students are misinformed, then a rethinking of the school signage and announcement placements is in order. Through the use of appropriately-installed signs and proper use of hardware and supplies, school signage can be strategically installed for maximum effect.

School signage, announcements and displays can come in different forms, from the large school signage installed in front to exterior and wayfinding signage that are mounted in classrooms, hallways and in front of buildings. School administrators can even use signage like flat and curved glass signage secured by inexpensive standoffs as classroom labels or for directory of the teaching and support staff.

Signage keeps students informed

Once students are inside the school premises, they become engrossed with the activities and the companionship that are provided by classmates. Add the usual tech distractions like smart phones and tablets and you have the perfect recipe to pert their attention. Also, students have the tendency to under-communicate announcements and testing dates and meetings. A billboard or a series of posters installed in front of the school’s main building can keep parents and guardians updated.

An advantage in using modern displays and signage is that school principals and administrators aren't just limited to disseminating school information and announcements. Signage and announcements especially the ones made from flat and curved glasses secured by stainless steel standoffs also add a layer of style in the school. Glass-based signage can work wonders in the school’s lobby as of a directory listing the various school departments, teachers, class advisers and their assigned rooms. Inpidual flat or curved glasses secured by standoffs are stylish alternatives when designing a school directory. Aside from flat and curved glasses, schools can install suspended signage or even digital signage. Suspended signage using suspended systems are great as directional signs, and can also for school’s announcement purposes. Digital signage on the other hand offers a modern solution to disseminating school information and announcement.

Whatever the signage solution selected, it’s critical that this is installed strategically using appropriate standoffs and other related accessories. Improving student awareness using school signage doesn't end with the identification of the message and what types of signage to use, effective school signage management also involves correct placement and use of quality standoffs and installation systems.