Our Cable and Rod systems are designed to be as modular as possible to accommodate any installation you have in mind! Install to the ceiling, walls, or floor. Create a vertical display to show off artwork or information. Create an eye-catching shelving system that appears to float in mid-air. The only limitation is your imagination!

Cables are designed to be sleek and stylish, while being very discreet in order to keep attention focused on your display. The 1/16'' cables are capable of holding up to 55 lbs (25 kg) per cable and all of our systems come with a cable tensioner to keep everything tightly in place.

Rods are ideal when you need a rigid system, when you are installing horizontally (they work fine vertically too), or when you will have a lot of weight installed in the system. The rods are 1/4'' thick, made from solid stainless steel, and are available in lengths of 3' 3'', 4' 11'', 6' 6'', and 9' 10''.

Why limit yourself to vertical adjustments? Add our Aluminum Track on the top and bottom of your display and make your system infinitely more flexible! The added horizontal mobility provided by the Aluminum Track means that you can easily re-organize an entire display without needing to drill a single hole! If you need flexibility in your display system, the Cable and Rod Systems paired with the Aluminum Track make for an unbeatable combination!


We have a huge variety of supports to fit any installation's needs! We have supports for vertical displays, shelving displays, sloped displays, and pivoting displays for something unique! Most of our supports are available in your choice of aluminum or stainless steel and in several sizes to provide the right fit for your material.

Vertical Supports are used for a standard vertical display where you want to hang your material with a side gripper.

Edge Grip Supports are used for a standard vertical display where you want a standoff appearance without the need to drill holes in your material. They are also especially useful when displaying oddly shaped materials, such as a circular sign or image.

Standoff Supports are used for a standard vertical display where you want the standoff appearance with the ability to easily move and change the materials on display.

Shelf Supports are used for a standard horizontal display, such as shelving. They come in a couple of styles: horizontal support, side shelf support, and below shelf support.

Horizontal Supports are the sibling to our Vertical supports. They grip the material with a side gripper that goes on both sides of the material.

Side Shelf Supports are similar to our horizontal supports except that the material simply rests on the support, instead of being gripped on both sides. These supports can be used with our without a Retaining Screw that tightens the material down onto the Side Shelf Support for an even more secure installation.

Below Shelf Supports are just that - they sit underneath the material. These supports require a hole be drilled in the material to rest on the support, with the cable going through the middle of the support. This contributes even more to the floating appearance of shelving by freeing the corners of the material from any visible hardware.

Keep in mind that most of these support types are available in fixed or pivoting styles, which means that you can find the right style for your needs, no matter what the application might be.

Get out there and build yourself an amazing Cable System or Rod System to set yourself apart! If you have more questions, feel free to give us a call at 813-938-6025 or send us an email at sales@mbs-standoffs.com and we'll be more than happy to help.