In a business or office space, it is often good practice to keep things tucked away in an organized state Lots of clutter can give customers a bad impression Drawers, cabinets, and closets are all great places to store documents, materials, products, and anything else the business may regularly utilize However, there are some things that may beneficial to display out in the open Doing so on an attractive standoff shelving unit increases the positive exposure attracted by these particular items The following are a few things to consider putting on display in your business office

Company Achievements

Any awards or accomplishments that your business or organization has received is worth sharing Dedicate a standoff hanging shelving unit to displaying any plaques or trophies that the company has been awarded Current and potential customers will want to see the different things that your company has achieved, regardless of the industry in which you are involved Putting these awards out in the open is also a great way to honor the employees and staff members that made it possible.

Products and Demos

If your company is one that manufactures or produces something, displaying examples of these items is a great idea If size allows use eye-catching shelving units to display actual examples of the finished product If the products are too large to fit on a shelf in an office building, consider scale models or photos depicting the manufactured goods There are a number of ways to attractively display photos including having them printed directly onto glass to be hung as a standoff


Customers and clients can benefit from gaining an understanding of whom you are, as a company This includes getting to know the employees and staff that make business operations possible Make your organization relatable by posting photos of employees around the office and from business functions When presented on an appealing display like a standoff, these features add an aesthetic effect while giving customers some insight into the people behind the company

These are just a few ideas of things to consider putting on display around your office and workspace Provide some organization and purpose for the content by placing them on attractive standoff displays Choosing to expose these things out in the open for both customers and employees to enjoy provides a valuable glimpse into whom you are, as a company Honor the achievements of your brand the employees on which it is built Browse our extensive inventory of standoff displays to find exactly what you are looking for