Brand identity is essential for businesses, and yet so many represent themselves with standardized signs and shelving units. Suspended systems provide the ability to make professional and unique images for any office or place of business. Suspended systems are also used with shelves to make one of a kind product displays.

Suspended systems are mounted to ceilings, walls and floors. These versatile systems allow for changes in sign height and location instead of signs that are only placed in locations dictated by the architecture. Cables available in both aluminum and steel are strong enough to hold signs of any shape or size up to 55 pounds.

The versatility of suspended systems provides opportunities for experimentation. Cables or rods are also used to connect signs or panels. This allows the creation of negative space between the signs or panels, which creates unique and artistic image.

When creating a unique image, first determine which signs are necessary and where they ought to hang in the suspended system. Once the signs are organized, choose the correct cables, rods, standoffs and wall or ceiling mounts to complete the image.

Suspended systems are also ideal for unique product displays. Suspended cables also hold up shelving units. Unlike standard shelves, suspended shelves are elegant and almost infinitely adjustable.

Suspended systems provide a much-needed degree of customization. Aluminum and steel cables are used to hang signs, panels and shelves at any height. Standoffs, rods and cables also allow for panels to be mixed and matched to create original corporate designs. For customers still planning their image design, a look through the different cable and rod systems available sparks creative design ideas.