Choosing the right kind of signage is an important decision for marketers. The right kind of signage not only helps to make a favorable first impression, but also allows businesses to pull in the most specific audience.

However, it is important for companies to create high quality signage with targeted messages.

Here is how signage can help you pull in more customers.

Draw Attention

A quality signage, carrying a relevant message and image, can help draw attention to your brand effectively. Signs let passersby know that you exist, thus helping you capture business.

A study by the Small Business Connect website claims that as many as 45 percent of first time customers visit the business after noticing the sign. This shows that signs installed at locations with high foot traffic can grab the attention of a large number of audience, and as a result create greater business opportunities.

Make You Distinct

Signs help to draw a distinction between you and others in the competition. By highlighting key features of your brand, signs communicate what makes your brand different from other offerings in the market.

Brand Reinforcement

Placing signs is one of the most effective techniques for brand building. With 7 to 20 consistent exposures to the same message, signs can help people develop recognition for your brand. By reinforcing brand associations, such as logo, brand colors, brand persona, they may implant your business in the minds of target audience for future reference. For example, consistent exposure to your logo or slogan can make your brand more memorable, increasing the chances that the customers will recall your brand when they need the product you are offering.

Promotional Purposes

Signs can help you convey short, concise bits of promotional information that is intended to generate sales. For example, signs in a retail store may persuade shoppers to make an impulse purchase of a product.

More Business Opportunities

Tradeshows and conventions are excellent places to showcase your brand to highly targeted prospects and clients. In addition to reinforcing your presence, well-designed signs may promote your products and services to a broader group of audience that have little or no knowledge of your brand.

Depending on your product and industry, signs may also persuade your target audience to carry out product testing to gain a general opinion about your offerings.

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