As you are well aware, our products are well-utilized around various forms of signage. Therefore, we love signs. We love the informative, the cautionary, the mandatory and the funny. Just about every kind of sign, we'd like to think, can be supported by one of our standoffs.

Admittedly that isn't always the case. A perfect example are the signs that spectators take to various sporting events. Some signs are meant to be inspiring or motivational for the competitors, while others are meant to get on television, and others are probably just meant to get attention on the in-arena JumboTron.

In that vein, we decided to look around for some of those standoff-proof spectator signs and provide you with what we think are some of the funniest and silliest spectator signs we have noticed recently at various sporting events. We provide context where we can. In no particular order, here are 10:

  • "Honey, call me when your water breaks - Go Angels."
  • Held up by a woman at a Washington Capitals hockey game - "Hey ref, does your wife know that you're screwing us?"
  • Seen at a Denver Broncos game, televised by CBS: "Card Board Sign."
  • At a Green Bay Packers game: "My cheating boyfriend is watching from the couch instead."
  • Held up by a shirtless man at a Green Bay Packers game, in cold weather: "You think I'm stupid? My brother is a Raiders fan!"
  • At a pro football game: "I only made this to piss off the people behind me."
  • Motivational sign at a marathon: "You're running better than the government."
  • A "thought bubble" sign held over the head of a hockey referee: "I'm the biggest IDIOT ever!"
  • A man, holding a sign next to a woman wearing a Calgary Flames shirt, at a hockey game: "I hate her. Go Oilers."
  • Held up at a baseball game by a woman: "He told me I could have an engagement ring or World Series tickets. Here I am."