Most businesses make plans to reach new customers through advertising, free giveaways, social media or a website. As time goes on and the business struggles or thrives, adjustments are made to reach new customers. These plans sometimes include a detailed analysis of who the average customer is in order to find out how to most effectively reach that type of person.

But what if there was a “hidden” type of customer that your business wasn’t aware of? Hidden customers can generate money for your business, and all it takes is a sign welcoming them to your doorstep. Here’s who they are and how you can help them.

Lost Motorists

You will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sell your product to The Lost Motorist because it seems that fate is what has brought this person to you. Whether travelling home from a job interview, first date or business appointment, the lost motorist may stop in asking for directions or help solving car trouble. He or she isn't a customer of yours because distance poses a problem or because the person is already doing business with someone else. This chance encounter is a rare opportunity to offer a product or business card while offering stellar service they’ll remember.

Impulse Shoppers

It’s difficult to estimate the power of the Impulse Shopper. Similar to The Lost Motorist, this person may buy a pack of bubble gum on a whim or reach for a $900 purse just because it’s there. Once again, having a business sign that says you’re open now is the way to get the Impulse Shopper in your door.

Tourist Groups

They’re only passing through for a time, but tourist groups can spend a lot of money in a flash of a moment. Whether it’s a band of musicians or a group of CEOs, sales from these spenders will boost to your bottom line.