Comedian Bill Engvall has a famous stand-up bit where he wishes that stupid people were required to wear signs, and then for the rest of his act gives them the famous "here's your sign" when he is pointing out something ridiculous that people say or do. Although this is nothing more than an amusing bit of satire, it illustrates both just how much simpler signs can make everyday life as well as the power of signs to make an impression.

When it comes to the presentation of your business, a good sign can make the impression that can lead to a sale just as surely as an unprofessional appearance can cost you one. Let's say that you are approaching a supplier of crucial materials that you need to create your product. When you visit them, you see a cheap sign in front of their business made out of shoddy materials. In this case how much would you really trust the quality of the materials that they want to sell to you?

Although the importance of person to person contact cannot be understated in the sales process, every contact that you have with a customer is a step in conversion. The sign that you use to advertise your business is the first step in converting an interested party to a bona fide customer. A professional-looking sign is attainable at a reasonable price, and it is an investment in your business and yourself.

A professional and strategically placed sign is more than just a way for potential customers to find your front door. It is a shout-out that says everything that you are about. Do not miss this first and most crucial opportunity to make an impression on your clients. If you do, you may hear these dreaded words: "here's your sign."