Your glass signs display your company logo and help to advertise your business. The hardware that is used to hold your sign in place may seem like a small part of the display, but it actually plays a large part in how sturdy your sign is, how it looks and how long it lasts.

When you choose hardware for your glass sign, the first thing you need to consider is where you plan to display the sign. If you are hanging the sign on a wall, wall set stand-offs or a z-clip panel might be a good choice. If your sign is going to be displayed away from a wall, a flag mounting system or a cable suspension mounting system is an ideal solution.

Your sign should be displayed in a place where it receives plenty of attention, and choosing the right hardware helps to make that happen.

Suspended, projection, wall mounts, off-set systems, and cable and rod suspension kits are all available. This hardware ensures that your sign is displayed properly, is well protected and looks great.

Remember to use screw covers to hide unsightly hardware on your sign for a more professional look. Screw covers are available in finishes to match your other sign hardware.

If your business sign is displayed properly, you are guaranteed to get the most possible attention. Choosing the right hardware helps to place your sign in areas that are most visible to the public and help create more effective advertising for your company.

Choose hardware that allows your sign to be displayed how you want it to be, the right hardware removes any limitations.