An out of date, mismatched office not only looks aesthetically unappealing, but can turn off potential clients and customers. A tasteful, modern style can maximize one's office space and give a clean, professional appearance. Redoing one's office doesn't always need to be an expensive endeavor. Using a few simple tips and tricks, it is easy to turn a frumpy office into a modern, vibrant looking space.

Add Bright Colors

One simple way to add a touch of modern style to your office is to add a brightly colored item. For example, a uniquely styled, vibrant colored chair. Not only will this look swanky, it will bring the focal point of the office towards the chair, and then subsequently to you.

Modern Artwork

Add a few select pieces of artwork to office walls to keep them looking stylish and trendy. There is no need to go overboard, plastering one's walls with every piece of unique artwork possible. Select one or two pieces of modern art to bring together an office space.


Lighting is essential to any office space. Floor lamps are currently in vogue, whereas fluorescent lighting is definitely out. A well lit space will make one's office look larger, feel less cluttered, and feel more airy and spacious.

Modernized Furniture

Depending on one's budget, purchasing furniture may or may be possible. For those on a tighter budget, stick to one piece of select modern furniture to add to the office. This could be anything from a swanky modern couch, a smooth new desk or a stylish couch.