Undeniably, posters are an inexpensive wall art that can brighten up your dull room instantly. Of course, you can tack, nail, duct tape, or staple a poster on the wall; however, all of these methods can easily leave some marks on the mounting surface and can damage the poster altogether.

Therefore, you’d have to be extremely cautious while hanging the poster so as not to damage anything related. Art hanging systems offer many different solutions used for hanging poster. If you’re confused, this post will help you just right.

Clean Hands

Before you even touch the poster, it’s always beneficial to wash and clean the hand thoroughly so that any likely dust, moisture, greasy or oily feel can be removed from the hands. One thing that you must remember is that even the slightest of contamination can create a blemish or a spot on the poster

And then, even when you’ll be removing the poster from the tube, clean hands would help to remove the residue. In this way, you can neglect the possibility of damaging the poster.

Put the Poster in a Proper Posture

Placing and alignment of posters flatly is a matter of extreme attention. Whenever you pull off a new poster out of a tube, it will be inclined to have the same pattern in which it was packed. This can result in the poster curling and can decrease the adhesiveness of the surface.

To rectify this position, lay down the poster in such a way that it's printed side is up on a smooth surface. And then, exert some pressure on the corners of the poster for a few hours. You can use some massive objectives for this purpose

Pay Utmost Importance to Cleanliness of the Target Wall

Believe it or not, the environment in which you live might be filled up with an abundance of dust, air, water, and heat. Moreover, these elements generally go unnoticed, until you've started experiencing their presence on the walls in the form of dust and moisture

If walls lose their bond adhesion, they make it difficult to stick the poster adequately. Hence, before you paste anything on the wall, it'd be better to clean the target area with a wet cloth and dish detergent.

Celebrate Your Hang-Ups

If you're so fascinated by how museums and galleries hang their posters with utmost precision, it’s time you can use the same technique in your house as well. Use a simple aluminum bar at the bottom and the top of the poster

Each bar should be as long as the poster. Create a small hole on the back of the top bar and place it on the wall with a nail. The poster will hang flatly against the wall.

Fake Picture Hangers

Another smart way to hang the poster would be by actually using the hangers, paperclips, and clipboards. Put the top edge of the poster in the hanger. And, you can only put the hanger on the wall through a nail or a hook. You can even choose vintage hangers to provide an aesthetic appeal to the poster. You can also hang a clipboard row along the wall and slip the poster under that row