Retail store management requires a creative mindset and a strong focus on the retail atmosphere to complete the retail store experience. A retail store isn’t just a distribution point for products for sale; it also serves as a communication and marketing medium for different brands. With this in mind, it’s important to invest in the layout, design and atmosphere as extensions of marketing and branding. The idea here is that customers should be continuously treated to reminders about the brands and products offered, and doing it in a retail store makes sense.

According to marketers, roughly 60 percent of all in-store purchases are unplanned, thus what you include in your retail store can improve sales. So how can a retailer pull it off and experience sales he can be proud of? It can be done through different in-store design and marketing approaches like the use of samples, displays, coupons and even the use of wayfinding suspended signage and glass signage.

Use suspended systems to mount glass signage & marketing posters

Glass signage and announcement suspended from the ceiling provides a creative way of telling directions and identifying retail store sections. Though customers would want to get lost when exploring when shopping, a few suspended signs posted strategically around the store can make shopping fun, convenient and stress-free. Use suspended signs as wayfinding signs to indicate customer service counters, retail store sections, entrance and exit and Point of Sale (POS) counters. Suspended systems can also direct customers to the changing area and security, when available.

Suspended signs can also accommodate posters which are great for sales announcements, product launches and in-store promotions. Simply put, suspended systems can work in delivering the marketing message to customers inside the store. Using suspended signs provides a clean and sleek way of handling messages, and also offers a touch of class when glass signage is selected.

Projecting systems & LED poster holders help present marketing messages

Other creative systems that can be used inside a retail store include LED poster holder and window digital posters. The LED poster holders can accommodate letter-sized posters and these can be mounted on walls, thus complementing the other marketing signs inside the store. Window digital posters let you dominate the store’s windows, which is critical to marketing. According to retailers, 15-20 percent of business comes from advertising made in windows, thus these systems should form part of marketing plans.

In-store signage and announcements serve as silent and effective sales agents. Strategically-placed signs can help your customers navigate the store without asking for questions, thus improving the customer shopping experience.