When you want to add immediate “WOW!” to signs and posters, LED illuminated signs definitely fit the bill. Similar to light boxes, they employ light-up graphics which are printed on translucent materials, and they go a long way in increasing visibility and attention.

When the lights are on, the customers will come! When you bring energy-efficient LED backlighting to your signs, you create a sense of good things happening within your business environment. It’s a proven fact that people are attracted to light, and there is no better way to draw attention than to light up the object of that effort. LED-backlit signage, displayed in your business’ windows will doubly serve to attract new consumers in addition to serving as a reminder to your existing customers who might happen to be passing by.

With the illuminated sign housing, you get a full 16’ of long steel wire, decorative panel clamps as well as wall mounts for creating fabulously contemporary wall-to-wall poster grids. Each unit comes with a two-panel construction with an acrylic overlay. The thick black border serves to augment the lighting.

Convenient to use as all types of menu holders, this sign mounting system will save users money on their power bill every month, and they are environment-friendly. And their ceiling-to-floor suspension system means that your sign placement will not be affected by limitations in wall space, doors and windows.

Sturdy steel ensures that the cables will not snap from the weight of your signs, but their strength does not negatively impact their stylishness in any way. The entire system has a very sleek, forward-thinking appearance, in part due to the curved shape and silver finish of each component. And LED illumination is possibly even brighter of than that used in traditional light boxes.