Your poster displays will be far more appealing if you have surrounding LED lighting to draw attention to your message. Our MBS Standoff LED Poster Holder is used with our power suppliers and connectors. Your display will sit on any surface, surrounded by bright light to point your customers’ attention to any message you need them to see.

You can position the LED Poster Holder on a display case, in a window or other interior surface. Use the striking double-sided units to create partitions inside your premises. You can also use single-sided units to revitalize shadowy corners, making sure that your entire location.

You can change your displays easily and quickly as many times as you want. Our display uses up to 90gsm or backlit ink-jet prints. The display has only a 3/8-inch (9 mm) thickness promoting its modern, elegant look. The bright and slender LED Poster Holder display will show your marketing or other message with beauty and class.

The LED Poster Holder's LEDs last for 100,000 hours, enough for more than 4,000 continuous days and nights of illumination. Energy-efficient LED technology keeps output high and energy costs very low. The LED Poster Holder is maintenance-free - there is no need for you to change tubes or lamps.

The LED Poster Holder is suspended from almost invisible powered cables which are fitted between floor and ceiling. There will be neither visible cords nor other power supply. Our small power supply makes sure there is no large transformer to get in the way of your display.

Take a good look around your office or store. You are sure to think of many uses for the MBS Standoffs LED Poster Holder. You can advertise special sales, let your clients know about recent awards or educate your patients about new or important health or dental messages.