In a retail setting, signage is key. The customers need to know where to find what they need, and clear and helpful signs provide that guidance. Proper placement and display style are vital so that the signs and other postings are seen and appreciated. With standoffs as the hanging system, signs throughout the store look professional, have maximum versatility for change out on short notice, and mount everywhere they need to be, so as to be seen clearly.

Public Notice

The signs that everyone needs to see, from "EXIT" to "Restrooms" may be ceiling mounted, supplementing wall signage for maximum visibility. With wire hanger ceiling-mounting systems, the signs suspended over an area will give direction from a distance. Illuminated signs are the most effective way to be sure that they are noticed.


Add to the shopping experience with stimulating visuals. Mounted just above eye level, good images can motivate purchase decisions. With sleek, streamlined visual appeal, standoffs in smooth aluminum at the four corners of the display also allow easy access with the twist of the cap to replace the content as needed to keep it fresh and intriguing.

Store Sections and Special Offers

Using display boards with standoffs for mounting on aisle cap sections allows quick and easy changes to those signs that get updated often. Multi-dimensional mounting systems allow for leaving a part of the display and changing part, as needs vary. Lighting on the sign draws attention and distinguishes the display from its surroundings. The message remains more affirmatively in mind when the sign draws attention in a subtle but intriguing way.

Mounting Hardware Materials

Choose the right mounting hardware finish, among the many choices available:

  • Burnished aluminum
  • Anodized black
  • Brass
  • Gold
  • Colored finishes

It is best to choose a style that fits your overall design. In some areas that may be subject to humidity or moisture, the best choice of standoffs and other mounting hardware is stainless steel. With a natural coating of oxide, it resists rust and corrosion throughout its life, so the standoff will keep its shine for years to come despite the elements.

Whatever your display materials are, standoffs are the versatile, professional, and most efficient choice for retail sign needs.