When you need effective communication in a lobby or other space, there is no better way to do so than to put up a sign. Signs convey information about anything: where the ATM machine sits, what escalator goes up, and in those hard to see places, where the elevators on the floor of a skyscraper are located. When it is important to communicate something without a direct line of sight, a projecting sign makes all the difference.

Projecting signs have not changed in hundreds of years. They swung in the wind above the doors to inns and cafes. The hardware is straightforward enough. The sign hangs from a projecting beam, and the projecting beam is supported by a cross beam that drops at an angle above it. This sign allows people to “see” things that are not in their line of vision, but at a 90-degree angle to it. For example, a bank of elevators may sit perpendicular to the pathway in a building lobby. With a projecting sign, the elevator location is clearly communicated to someone walking in the vicinity.

There may even be an arrow on the projecting sign pointing the way, so projecting signs may do more than inform, they may offer a direction. If a destination is remote from the beaten path, a projecting sign can encourage interested parties when it actually offers a direction of travel, as when the patrons of a restaurant are looking off a main street and down an alley for an entry door. These are unobtrusive signs hang above the path and, as a result, nobody runs into them.

Projecting signs can also indicate service and facilities available like restrooms, public phones, service and information desks and ranges of room numbers or floor numbers. If someone wanted to find an apartment amidst many, a projecting sign could get them started by listing unit numbers 1- 100 and offering an arrow to show a direction.

Companies like MBS Standoff Company offer projecting signs and the hardware that brings it all together. Projecting signs are effective and long lasting. The wall clamps are made of high quality stainless steel or glass material. The flag sign is well constructed with stainless steel or layered glass. The stand-offs are steel socket heads with plastic glass rings to protect tempered glass. They are designed for easy installation. Projecting signs are an affordable solution to identify interesting destinations.