You don’t go to all the trouble and expense of having signs made for your business just so they will blend in with the decor like the flooring, furniture and the want your signs to literally speak out loud, as if you were the one doing the talking, and in order for them to speak, they must first stand out and be noticed and seen. When you need for a sign to literally stand out, you can mount them by the projection method. The first consideration is the location of where the sign is going to be hung. A general rule of thumb is, the higher the density of traffic, the higher the projection sign should be hung. You definitely want your projection signs to be totally out of an area where they would be likely to be knocked or bumped by passersby.

In order to set up a successful projection system, you must make sure that you have the proper equipment to do the job right. Measure carefully, and once you are sure about the numbers, then select those exact components which you will need from a wide selection of hardware options.

In your business, you may have need to place one or two strategically located signs, or you may need an entire sign system for a whole building. Regardless of the size of job you intend on doing, you will want to be sure that your mountings are secure and that you can rely on them staying that way.

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