A cable system provides you with a convenient, quick way to display items in your store, business or home library. Installing a cable system takes a moderate amount of time, but once you install it, it's easy to change displays quickly and add shelves as you need them in your environment.

Use a cable system to hang glass, wooden or metal shelves in any room. Install a ceiling-to-floor mounting kit for large shelf stability, or use a ceiling-to-wall kit for a smaller set of shelves. The cables secure your shelves to the wall, creating a safe space for heavy objects that are otherwise prone to topple top-heavy bookshelves. Use a cable system to hang heavy mounted art, glass photos, plaques or heavy award certificates. Simply install an inexpensive display holder and attach it to your cable.

Cable systems provide several benefits to any room in which you choose to install them. They eliminate the presence of unsightly nail holes or tape marks from your walls. Cable systems allow you to hang heavy items without the risk of the items falling and harming a visitor. They also allow you to layer shelves and displayed items so as to create unique looks in your environment without taking up excessive space.

Libraries, doctor's offices and many other businesses often employ cable systems in their decor for practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. The use of these systems allows for shelving units as well as artwork and business credentials with a stately air that tacks, screws and nails do not provide. Create a uniform, professional look with a secure cable system.