Branding is a critical requirement when it comes to hospitality business including hotel management. The hotel name, the identity and overall packaging should serve at the front and center of the management’s strategic plan. With a carefully-woven branding and identity store, a hotel can provide a memorable hotel service that’s distinctive and value-laden. And when it comes to hotel branding, hotel managers and marketers are given a variety of ways on how to send the message and present the hotel as an interesting alternative to other hotels in the area. One way to deliver the message and capture the attention of customers is through the use of elegant hotel signage, backed by responsive wayfinding signage solutions. With these in place, customers are given a positive hotel experience that can motivate a repeat business.

Engaging hotel signage starts with façade and lobby signs

What customers and visitors see at the front and in the lobby can influence customer choices. The appropriate choice of design for hotel signage, font and colors can set the tone for a positive and memorable hotel experience. The facade’s signage should give visitors that feeling of security, comfort and luxury, depending on the hotel branding. The use of creative signage can be coupled with the installation of professional façade lighting for maximum styling effect. Aside from façade signage, hotels also need the services of additional signage in the lobby and a directory. Reception or lobby area signage can be used to communicate hotel rules and policies, and can be used to promote in-house attractions and promotions like daily breakfast offerings.

Room and wayfinding signage for hotels

A comprehensive hotel signage solution also includes room and wayfinding signage.  Hotel visitors should be guided every step of the way, right from the reservation desk to every part of the hotel. An effective signage program also incorporates rooms and wayfinding signage. Hotel guests should be able to find their way around the hotel with minimal help from hotel staff. This can be done if rooms are properly labelled, and every hotel floor and sections have directional signs. A variety of room signs can be used including curved and flat glasses secured by stand-offs that offer a luxurious accent to rooms. The same signage materials can be used as wayfinding signage installed on walls that inform hotel guests. Suspended signs can also work when it comes to directional signs that allow guests to see where they are going even from afar.

Think about what guests can see as soon as they step inside the hotel. A complete and memorable hotel experience is not just about the premium facilities and services offered on site, it's also about the appropriate use of hotel signage. A catchy, consistent and hip hotel signage scheme promotes a positive hotel experience where guests can stay informed and empowered.