Since industry began people have been looking for faster, smarter ways to do their job with more efficiency.  What sign shop hasn't made a jig for a one off job installing a series of signs for a given job?  But once you're done with that job the jig is useless.  Not if you have the MBS Sign Setter.  

Sign Setter Tool

The Sign Setter is fully adjustable sign setting tool, or jig, that locks down tight so that each and every sign install is the exact same height off the floor. It also has a level bubble to make sure your sign is straight.  Nothing is more embarrassing than being so focused on what is in front of you that you fail to step back and see the big picture.  Although your sign might be at the right height is it level?  And if you're focused on level is it at the right height?  After you've affixed it isn't the time to figure that out.  

By using the Sign Setter you will be able to very quickly do repetitive sign installs effortlessly.  Have a series of room numbers you need to install?  Stack them up in the order you need them and do a run down the hall quicker than you could set one doing traditional measuring of height and marking for level. Every one the same height, the same place, all nice and straight.

An investment in your tools is an investment in your business. Tools, like this that are resuable for many jobs, that save this much time, is a no-brainer.  If you are a sign installer this is a must have for your tools.  If you are an engineer for a large corporate complex or public or government building where lots of signs are installed, you need this tool to help your staff be quicker and more efficient and produce better results.

For every business time is money and this tool will pay for itself over and over and make you and your staff look 100% professional.  When you do the job right it's expected.  Do the job wrong and, well, we all know what that means.

Avoid careless mistakes with the MBS SignSetter tool.