My business partner is always full of investment ideas, but buying an office building was a new one. One that would have to be thought out in depth. He wanted to do a walk through of the small property with me so that we could make decisions then on how to proceed. Of course, I agreed. I can not pass up on a business opportunity. Opening the door and stepping in was like I was stepping into the unknown and I did not like it. He began talking and explaining how things would be redone and made extremely exquisite. He began to talk about how he wanted to have suspended signs just like we have in another building of ours. I do know from experience that the way the signs are hung in a business can literally make or break the flow of traffic. And since we have used suspended signs before we know that they are an excellent resource.

The idea of having suspended signs in a newly renovated space excited me a bit I have to admit. Seeing the signs suspended from the ceiling would make it clear to everyone the appropriate directions to get to where they need to go. Not to mention the precise placement can add such versatility as well. These signs can even be near doors and above counter tops as well. Not to mention the fact that a sign can be easily viewed from every angle and it just plain looks better. Once we walked from office suite to office suite I could see what it was that he was envisioning. I could see the walls painted a bright and cheerful color, or the receptionist are, as well as the common areas with benches to rest and wait. I walked into the office with the presumed assumption that I wanted nothing to do with it and walked out wondering what my bottom line price should be on my offer. Of course I went ahead with the purchase and let my partner get started on ordering all that we need to transform it into a state of the art office complex.