When you have dedicated the time and energy, not to mention the money for the right signs for your business, you want to do them justice by the manner in which they’re hung.  In fact, the way a sign is hung will determine how good the sign looks, and it will either give the sign a look of professionalism or it won’t.  With all the methods to hang signs out there, how can you be sure that the one you select will work the best to highlight your sign and give it the best exposure?

For a sign to have good exposure, it needs to be prominently placed in a position where it won’t be competing for the space with other objects or signs.  When there are a number of distractions at eye level it can make your sign fade into the mix of everything else.  Situations like this would do well as those where signs are suspended, rather than aligned at eye level.  Suspended signs are always a good choice, and the benefits of suspending your signage from a ceiling are numerous.  When you want to offer versatility in sign locations at your business, suspending some of your signs will definitely do the trick.

Ceiling-suspended signs can be situated in areas where it would otherwise be impossible to put anything.  A ceiling-mounted sign is unlikely to have to compete with other objects, and therefore will be prominent enough to capture the attention of everyone in a room.  Such locations include (but are not limited to) above or near doorways, and above counters. With this type of sign placement method, sign locations are unlimited, as they can go anywhere. And when a sign is suspended, it is able to be viewed from both the front and the back sides.

One thing’s for sure...when a sign is suspended, it will not be missed by your customers.