Travel-related technologies and innovations have improved through the years, helping commuters and travelers enjoy a satisfying and safe trip every time. With an increasing number of people traveling and commuting on a regular basis, the provision of real-time information and safety reminders has become more critical.

To make this happen, terminals and car park operators and administrators can design appropriate transport signage solutions that are responsive to commuter and travelers’ needs and requirements. A complete and responsive terminal signage solutions should cover commuter information system and regulatory requirements, wayfinding signage and bespoke and quality-made signage accessories and mounting solutions.

Keep commuters informed through passenger information systems

Whether you are running a small city car park or a domestic airport terminal, it’s recommended to install appropriate signage that inform and directs commuters and guests. Signage should have variety and include helpful information that can guide commuters as they navigate the premises. Curved and flat glasses can be installed on doors or walls adjacent to the doors, indicating room information. Curved and flat glass signage secured by cheap standoffs can indicate exit points, comfort rooms, stock rooms, ticketing offices and booths and even administrative offices.

Signs can be used to inform drivers about safety and other government regulations. Parking notices, violation reminders and health and safety signs can be hosted using a variety of signs. For example, you can use suspended signs to point out safety reminders like ‘Fire Exits’, ‘Hard Hat’ areas and ‘No Entry’.

Suspended signage for directions and wayfinding

Signage is often associated with directional and wayfinding for obvious reasons. Individuals often look up to signs to ask for directions and the quickest possible route. And these are requirements that should be in place when redesigning terminals and car park signage system. Travelers and commuters should be able to find their way anywhere in the terminal complex. Strategically-installed wayfinding signage for terminals should guide customers to specific areas, and point to visitors the shortest possible route between two points.

Bespoke and quality-made signage and standoffs

Quality-made and customized- these are two concepts that are often associated with the design of terminal and car park signage. It is no longer enough that signage solutions are installed; it’s important to pay attention to responsiveness of design and quality of materials, accessories and stand-offs.

Pulling off a responsive and bespoke signage for car parks and terminals is now made easier thanks to companies that offer professional signage services and related accessories including inexpensive standoffs. Signage and related accessories like standoffs are critical business resources too that require primary attention.