Local businesses have a tough time competing against bigger chains, no matter what industry they are in. For this reason, it is important that small businesses look for new and innovative ways to keep customers coming through their doors. One way to manage this is to have quality business signs. Too many businesses skimp when they are getting signs made, and this results in ugly, cheap looking signs that appeal to no one. Here are four tips that will help businesses attract customers through their signs.

1. Do Your Research

Creating a sign is not just about getting the physical work done. There is significant research that must be done into the types of signs that are effective for your type of business. Consider your location, the signs of other local businesses that are successful, and popular types of signs all over the country.

2. Keep it Simple

The last thing you want is an outlandish, complicated sign that no one understands. You want your sign to appeal to people, but you also want them to have a firm idea of what your business is offering. Most customers look at a sign for one or two seconds, and they should be able to form an opinion within that time frame.

3. Develop a Brand Identity

Signs are the best way to develop your brand's identity. Start off by creating a unique logo that will represent your business for years to come. Surround that logo with the words, colors and other symbols that best represent the feel/vibe of your business. For example, an art supply store should have a colorful, exotic sign, while a hardware store should have a simple and elegant sign.

4. Color, Text and Layout

The color of your sign, the text you use, the style of that text, and the general layout of the sign will play a hugely important role in end product. Ensure that the colors you use are matching the identity of your business. For example, having a red sign when the inside of your business is predominantly blue may not be a good idea.

Your text should be easily visible, clearly worded, yet unique and appealing. Look at nearby signs and try to have a font/style that allows your sign to stand out among the crowd. You want people to glance at your sign and immediately be drawn into your business.

Following these tips, and using the best materials for your signage will ensure that your local business gets off on the right foot. Remember to use quality materials when commissioning the sign. After all, using cheap materials gives off a bad impression regarding your business.