Creating eye-catching displays is important to connecting with your customers and promoting your products and services. Whether you are creating these displays in your own lobby or at trade shows and community events, they can help you increase sales and shift the focus to certain products and services.

Standoffs can help you create beautiful and professional-looking displays. However, they are not your only options. Here are three reasons why you should give cable and rod systems a try, as well:

Create a Different Look

While you may love the look that your signs and banners create, you may be ready to try a different look. A rod and cable system can create a unique display that can give you more design options. You may choose to change up the look periodically, or you may decide to incorporate this look as part of an overall new design.

Enjoy Sturdy Construction

Rod and cable systems will allow you to hang a variety of signs without having to worry about the support. The sturdy system can hold objects even of very heavy weights. The system can also hold items with unique shapes. You can get more versatility in your display options with a rod and cable system, which allows you to expand your marketing options.

Attract More Attention

When you use a rod and cable system, you will attract more attention for your signs. The displays can hang over hallways and arch ways, grabbing customers' attention by being in an unexpected place. The displays will also attract attention simply because of their unique look. Experiment with different designs to create a display that is the most eye-catching.

You have many options for creating professional and attractive displays. Explore all your options, including rod and cable systems, to get the most effective solutions.