When it comes to advertising your business or company, it is very important to have a sign that is quickly noticed. There are many choices for signs, but the standoff sign is one you should consider. Basically, a standoff sign is a flat sign that is mounted to the wall so it stands out from the wall a few inches. This is accomplished with tubular or square spacers, which are the actual standoffs, and they are mounted to each corner on the back of the sign and then attached to the wall. This allows the sign to protrude out from the wall which makes it very eye-catching and appealing.

There are several choices of standoffs available. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials such as aluminum, steel, tubular or square. Basically, there are four main advantages of a standoff sign: they are very noticeable, easy to install, inexpensive, and look professional.

For a sign to be effective it has to first be noticed. A standoff sign mounted to the wall is more likely to be noticed than a regular flat sign. This is due to the fact that it looks like it’s jumping right off the wall. When the sign is mounted several inches from the wall, it tends to cast shadows and really gives it that 3-D look. Standoffs are a great way to attract attention.

Standoffs are not very difficult to mount on the wall. If you have a drill and a few other tools, they can usually be mounted very easily. Of course, the ease of mounting comes down to the type of wall they are being mounted to. It may be a bit easier to mount it to drywall as opposed to a concrete wall. In either case, it doesn’t take a lot of skill to mount them. Practically anyone who is familiar with tools can do the mounting.

The price of standoffs can be as low as a few dollars for a set of four. Of course, the price is dependant on the type of standoffs as there are many varieties to choose from. The pont is they don’t have to be an overwhelming expense.

Standoffs also have a very professional look. They are classy and give your customers a positive first impression of your business or organization. First impressions are very important in today’s competitive business environment.

When the time comes to place a sign for your business or organization, and you want a classy professional look, consider using wall mounted standoffs. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices, and will give your business or organization that extra edge.