Creating eye catching displays is important for businesses to connect with the right audience. With a unique and striking presentation of your products and services, not only can you get immediate attention, but also produce a favorable impact for future returns.

Whether you are displaying signage in your lobby, showcasing them at tradeshows and community events, or using them for promotional campaigns, suspended cable sign systems offer a variety of benefits to your brand and the overall business.

Here is why every business should consider suspended cable systems for their display needs.


Suspended cable systems are strong, and hence can withstand many different uses and environment. If you are installing the display in the outdoors, stainless steel can be a more appropriate choice than other options. Being stronger and more reliable, stainless steel cable system may keep your signage in place for a longer period of time.

Unique Look

A suspended rod and cable system can create a unique display that can set you apart from the competition. In order to keep your audience engaged, change the style and design periodically to offer your audience something new and unique every time.

Aesthetic Appeal

A suspended cable system offers a sleek and contemporary flair to your sign display. With its simple structure and meager hardware, the suspended systems help to showcase the design without distraction. However, this type of display system can be effectively used for countertop displays, shelving displays, and flooring displays for a clean and professional look.

Easy to Maintain

Suspended cable systems lack too many details, which make them a low maintenance and easily interchangeable solution. Also, their easy installation and maintenance allow you to change signs frequently.

Moreover, suspended cable systems are eco friendly, thus they can be used in all types of environment and places.

Attract More Attention

Suspended cable and rod systems typically attract more attention than other signage systems. This is mainly due to the reason that suspended systems offer a unique and creative look to your signage which grabs quick attention of your target audience.

In order to create a more distinct impression, it is best to hang your displays over hallways, archways, and other unusual spaces to grab quick attention, as well as form a memorable association for future recall. Additionally, try a variety of designs and styles to create distinct and eye-catching displays for a stronger association.

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