Standoffs are classy looking metallic devices, which are used to secure signages made from wood, glass or acrylic panels. They are commonly used in commercial establishments like retails stores, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, canteens and offices. When you enter a large retail store, the first thing you would notice is the rows of shelves that are spread out in an equidistant manner across the entire store.

With so many different products and brands being sold in the shop, it is essential to receive quick directions on where to proceed. This is especially important during festive seasons when the store sees a huge influx of customers and the general mood then would be is to get through to the billing process as quickly as possible. Standoff signage panels are known to play an extremely important role in retail outlets. Here are some of the benefits that come with using these signage panels.

Firstly, they are ideal to be used as in-house merchandising devices to promote the sales of new products purchased by the store. For instance, if there is a new perfume that has hit the market, you can erect signage panels in the cosmetics section to trigger buying interest among consumers. In a similar way, you can use these signages to promote hundreds of other products being sold by the store. You can use these panels to even alert customers on the special discounts their liable to receive with certain items and brands.

Standoffs are also extremely easy to install and use. You can have them installed on walls and along the sides of the shelf racks. You can also easily replace the acrylic panels with other marketing signage panels as and when required. This type of signage system is also very easy to maintain. You can reach far away corners with ease and the panels are extremely durable.

Retail stores also use cable and rod systems to display store information from a height. This can be very useful in clothing stores and supermarkets where customers have a wide range of items on display. For instance, if you need to buy pants for men, you can erect cable and rod systems that can direct consumers to the men’s section. From there, you can install more panels that will further categorize the men’s section in the form of formals, casuals, jeans, suits, shirts, half sleeve shirts, inner garments, accessories, specific brands and so on. These cable systems are usually installed from the ceiling so that customers can receive directions even from a distance.