Companies nowadays are increasingly resorting to the use of high quality devices for successful installation of signage in offices. Components like standoffs are highly durable and also look fantastic on signs displaying the brand name of the company. The metal screws are basically used to mount and secure aesthetically designed slabs of directory signage that depicts the companies brand in an office space. They help to provide a 3D look to the acrylic signage plastered on the wall.


These components are simple stainless steel fixtures which are used to secure and mount a sign on the wall. They have now become commonplace in professionally run enterprises where you can see large company signs, designed in bold letters which are elegantly displayed on the wall at the reception. Standoffs can be used display enlarged menus in food outlets, artwork or collages on walls, promotional signs in retail outlets and also as directory signage in offices.

One of the obvious benefits to using standoffs is that they can be installed or removed easily. Changes to the sign can be swiftly executed and since the signage is fixed at a few centimeters away from the wall, it is also easy to clean on a regular basis. They are rust resistant and have been specifically designed to appear easy on the eye.

Suspension Systems

Rod systems or suspended cables offer interior decorators more options when it comes to designing an office workplace. These systems are versatile and they can be simply suspended from the ceiling at a height that is appropriate to the area. They can also be mounted on walls or fixed between the ceiling and the wall with either a curved or flat surface. Suspension systems are usually used for the purpose of directions and also to demark specific zones in an office area. These suspension systems are also commonly used in large cafeterias that are accustomed to big crowds. The systems can be made to hold signs with large fonts which can be easily read by customers at the back of a long queue.