Button - Fix

The Simple, Secret Fixing for Panels

Button-Fix wall mounts are durable nylon buttons with mating fixtures that make paneling neat and simple. Buttons are attached to the back of one panel, which then meet with the mating fixtures attached to opposite panel and slide into place with a “click.” Button-Fix mounts are durable and versatile, lending themselves to both vertical and horizontal applications.

The variety of fixture types that Button-Fix offers allows for panels to be mounted parallel or perpendicular. Type 1 mounts are attached with screws and are ideal for interior mounts where strength is essential. The flush version of Type 1 are easily concealed, and work well with corner mounts. A Type 1 bonded fixture is available for mounting mirrors and other materials where glue or other adhesives are a necessary substitute for screws. The Type 2 fixtures are made for perpendicular mounts where panels meet at a 90 degree angle. A number of accessories make it quick and easy for contractors to apply Button-Fix accurately and efficiently.

Video: Case Study - Imperial House UK
Video: Build a Panel Wall with Button-Fix

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