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Welcome to our hardware section where you select your parts to create your own floating shelves based on our nearly invisible cable systems.  If you are not 100% sure about what you need for your installation please call our knowledgeable staff to help you.  We would prefer you call us and make sure you are getting the right parts the first time to make your installation smooth and simple with amazing results. Call or click on mobile 813-938-6025

Quick link to Aluminum Floating Shelf Systems or Stainless Steel Floating Shelf Systems.

These beautiful suspended shelving kits can turn any space into a luxurious display.  It can be a decorative display featuring family heirlooms, art glass, awards and most any special item in your home to functional in shops and stores displaying products.  They are inexpensive and make your items the center of attention in your display rather than the display drawing attention away from your items.

There are some things to consider when selecting the parts for your hanging shelf system.  Two of the most important are:

  • How much does your item to display weigh
  • How much foot traffic is in the direct area of the display.

How much your item weighs plays a big part in your decision making if you are going to use Cable or Rod Systems.  Each of our cables are rated to support 250 lbs but obviously we do not recommend over taxing the system with too much weight.

The other consideration is how much foot traffic is right next to a cable system.  For decades clothing stores have successfully used glass shelf cable systems in heavily trafficked areas but a stack of shirts or pants is not the same as a piece of art glass.  Even under the best circumstances cables systems will have some movement if bumped or brushed up against.  If this might be a consideration for you then please look at our ROD SYSTEMS.

Your next choice would be what material you would like?  Aluminum with a soft brushed look or Stainless Steel for a more reflective, bright surface.

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