LED Picture Frame

LED Poster Holders are also categorized as advertising light boxes. MBS has combined our super-thin led light box with our stylish acrylic display to develop a beautiful acrylic lightbox. Our LED Picture Frame provides an exquisite super bright poster panel to ensure optimal exposure of your brochures and marketing material. In addition to providing this terrific solution it also is energy efficient and lasts over one-hundred thousand hours.

A traditional light box sign that utilizes incandescent or halogen bulbs produce enough heat to burn a person swapping out marketing material or replacing the bulbs. The LED light box is at most lukewarm after continuous use and produces significantly less heat; therefore by design there is much less risk of causing injury or creating a fire. Light box led systems are a terrific promotional tool in places where exposure is of high importance.

At MBS we always use the best quality aluminum and stainless steel components to ensure we are providing the best visual appearance for your signage. In addition to quality our led slim light box implements friendly and functional designs. Furthermore, our LED Picture Frame solutions can be configured both a vertically or horizontally depending on the requirements of project.