Rod based Directional Signage

Create a unique suspended rod system and creative directional signs using our rod display systems. Suspended rod systems hang the signage from the ceiling by using rods. MBS constructs all of our rods from high quality aluminum or stainless steel.

Rod suspended signage is a extremely versatile way to display signage having the ability to display in vertical and horizontal arrangements in addition to a variety of grid configurations. Thanks to the highly configurable nature of rod based suspended sign systems sign makers are able to use them to create many unique and impressive sign displays such as:

  • Advertising Signage
  • Business Signs
  • Directional Signs

Rod Systems are inherently more stable than our cable systems even when the cables are under tension.  Rod systems can also support more weight.  Of course, that depends a great deal on the material the system is mounted in.  But if you need a secure and stable mounting for wayfinding signage or hanging signs in general then you will want to consider our rod based systems.

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