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Any business that wants to catch their customers attention in dimly lit areas or wants to make a promotion really stand out then you need to consider our Lighted Sign Displays.  These lighted sign displays can be used by

  • Real Estate Offices
  • Bars
  • Night Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Small business

One of the most common uses is for real estate offices that are in high foot traffic areas to have lighted displays in their windows promoting their properties and capturing attention even after hours. These Ultra Slim LED light pockets are perfect for displaying your listings or brochures in your office. Not only will they catch the attention of your clients but they are made with the latest LED technology that will have your signs glowing for years to come.

Since these lighted display signs are based on our wire display systems they are easily configurable and can be mounted on the wall or in a window forming a grid of all your featured items. Their quality design makes it a snap to create your own unique display for your store signs.

Additionally, if aestetics are a concern (which they should be) there is no need to worry any longer these real estate signs are suspended from power cables that are almost invisible, LED real estate signs provide a completely unique and eye-catching method to illuminate your brochures and property listings that will add a glow drawing attention. Set them up in an entry way or in a window to capture the attention of everyone going by.

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